Example: DoDataReadAlphabetical List of Functions

Reads records from a DataReader object.

void LrReplayUtils.DoDataRead( DbDataReader reader, DataTable valueTable, bool readToEnd, int numRecordsToRead );


Sub LrReplayUtils.DoDataRead( ByVal reader As DbDataReader, ByRef valueTable As DataTable, ByVal readToEnd As Boolean, ByVal numRecordsToRead As Integer)
readerThe DataReader object to read records from. Input.
valueTableA DataTable, to be filled with the values read from the DataReader. Output.
readToEndTrue to read all records available in the DataReader. False to read the number of records specified in numRecordsToRead.
numRecordsToReadWhen readToEnd is false, read this number of records from the DataReader. Input.

DoDataRead reads records from a DataReader object and outputs a DataTable containing the data.

Note: Do not add this function manually to a script. It is generated by VuGen automatically.


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.