Queries a protected password in a CyberArk Vault and Safe, and saves it to a parameter.


void lr.cyberark_get_vault(string[] args);


ServerUrl URL for the web request.
CertPathThe path for the certificate.
KeyPath (Optional) The path for a private key.
Password(Optional) The password for the private key.
AppIDThe application ID to use for the web request.
SafeThe safe on CyberArk in which the application belongs.
AccountNameThe Object Name of the account (referred to as Name in the account properties).

(Optional) Extra data for the query (if any) should be in key=value format.

ResultParamNameParameter name where the token (the secret password) will be saved.

Return Values

Not applicable.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

General Information

The certificate and private key must be in PEM format.


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lr.cyberark_get_vault(new string[]{
            "CertPath=D:\\feature\\cyberark\\Certs needed to make CCP call\\client_1-28.crt",
            "KeyPath=D:\\feature\\cyberark\\Certs needed to make CCP call\\client.pem"// optional
            "Password=Cyberark1"// optional
            return 0;