Returns a Variant whose value is Empty.


int lr.empty( object pVariant );


Function lr.empty( ByRef pVariant As Object ) as Integer
Example: lr.emptyArgument Functions


pVariantThe output argument for the Empty Variant

The lr.empty function sets the pVariant argument to the value Empty.

A transaction in which lr.empty is called does not appear in Controller in the Transaction Status box. It is ignored in the count of passed and failed transactions.

If lr.empty is called several times in the same script, whether in different actions or different iterations, it is the empty status of the last call that determines the status of the Vuser group running the script. The Controller Scenario Groups Status box displays the status. It is the column in which the group appears after the run stops.

Return Values

This function always returns zero.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.