Example: imap_examine_exInternet Messaging Functions (IMAP)

Selects a mailbox for viewing, for a specific IMAP session.

int imap_examine_ex( IMAP *ppimap, char *transaction, char *mailbox, LAST );
ppimap A session identifier.
transactionA transaction name for this step in quotes. To avoid creating a transaction for this step, use a null string, "".
mailboxThe name of a mailbox in the following format:"MAILBOX=mailbox_name"
LAST A marker indicating the end of the argument list.

The imap_examine_ex function selects a mailbox to view its messages. Calling this function does not modify the mailbox state (the number of messages unread, total number of messages, etc.).

This function is identical to imap_select_ex, except that it only has read-access on the mailbox—it does not change any mailbox states. To retrieve the mailbox properties, call imap_get_attribute_int_ex.

This function is for use with multiple sessions. For global sessions, use the imap_examine function, which leaves out the session identifier.

Return Values

If this function succeeds, it returns LR_PASS. Otherwise, it returns LR_FAIL.


All arguments of this function of the type char, can be parameterized with standard parameterization.