Example: imap_get_result_exInternet Messaging Functions (IMAP)

Gets an IMAP server return code, for a specific session.

int imap_get_result_ex( IMAP *ppimap );
ppimap A session identifier.

The imap_get_result_ex function gets an IMAP server return code for a specific server session. You use this function to determine the error code issued by the IMAP server for the previous IMAP function.

The following table shows the possible return codes:

Error Code Value Description
IMAP_OK 1 The function succeeded.
IMAP_NO 2 Function execution was denied.
IMAP_BAD 3 The arguments that were passed were either invalid or not allowed.
IMAP_BYE 4 The server closed the connection.
IMAP_PREAUTH 5 The client connected to the server that was previously authenticated.
IMAP_TIMEOUT -1 The IMAP operation failed to return a result.
IMAP_DISCONNECTED -2 The IMAP session is no longer connected to the server.
IMAP_NOSESSION -3 No IMAP session exists—no session was created.
IMAP_INVALID -4 Invalid client-side arguments were used in the imap_* function.

This function is for use with multiple sessions. For global sessions, use the imap_get_result function, which leaves out the session identifier.

Return Values

If this function succeeds, it returns LR_PASS. Otherwise, it returns LR_FAIL.


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.