Example: lr.get_debug_message

In the following example, the lr.get_debug_message function retrieves the runtime logging setting, performs bitwise comparisons with the settings constants, and outputs a message for two of the possible cases.

int msg_level;
int lvlMask = 0xF; //Filter out "Extended Log = 16"
//Get the run time logging settings
msg_level = lr.get_debug_message( ); 
//Filter out "Extended Log"
msg_level &= lvlMask;
/* Check if message level is "Data Returned by Server" and "Parameter Substitution" */
if (msg_level == dataAndParams) 
    lr.message("Current message level is result data and parameters.");
/* Check for no extended logging */
if (msg_level == lr.MSG_CLASS_BRIEF_LOG) 
   lr.message("Current message level is Standard Log.");