Example: lr.get_transaction_status

The following example preempts calls that will probably fail by checking the transaction status along the way.

int status;

lr.start_transaction ("Flight");
               "URL=http://ad.doubleclick.net/...ord=977672495775323400", new String[] {
               "Mode=URL",                //...                web.LAST});

if (lr.get_transaction_status("Flight") == lr.FAIL) {

     // web.url has failed the transaction. No point in continuing,
     // because future calls will probably also fail.
     lr.end_transaction("Flight", lr.FAIL);
     return -1;

// Carry on ...
status = web.submit_data("flight",
          "Action=http://www.Web-tours.com/cgi-bin/tours?ITN_RESPONSE+", new String[] {
          "Method=POST", "TargetFrame=",
          web.LAST} , new String[] { "MY DATA", //... web.LAST});