Enables the redirection of Java output and error streams to the output log.

Java Language

void lr.enable_redirection ( booleanflag); 
Example: lr.enable_redirectionMessage Functions


flagtrue or false (quotation marks not required).

The lr.enable_redirection function causes Java output and error streams to be redirected into log files and output windows when the flag is set to "true". If the script, or one of the classes invoked by it, uses output or error streams to print messages, they are redirected to the log files. By default, redirection is enabled. To disable, set the flag to "false".

If an application uses its own redirection, the lr.enable_redirection function overrides it. To restore the application's redirection, call this function using the "false" flag.

Return Values

This function has a void return value.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.