Example: lr.get_objectInformational Functions

Captures a Java CORBA object and dumps it to a data file. (CORBA only)

Java Language

Object lr.get_object( String type, int file_count ); 


typeThe full class name of the object to capture.
file_countthe data file containing the object status.

The lr.get_object method captures a Java CORBA object and dumps it to a data file. This method is generated automatically by VuGen for CORBA objects that could not be correlated or created during recording. VuGen captures the full status of the object and dumps it into a data file under the Vuser directory. The file is called undefbyteX.dat, where the X is the index of the current object. During test run, the object is recreated with its original status using the stored dat file.

This function is not programmable. It is generated by VuGen during recording and automatically associated with the applicable binary files.

Return Values

This method returns an object.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.