Sets the values of specified fields in a row.

ExampleData Update Functions


lrvtc.updateRow1 ( columnNames, rowIndex ,  values,  delimiter );


columnNamesThe list of the columns to write to.
rowIndexThe number of the row. The first row has index 1.
valuesThe list of values to write to the columns.
delimiterThe character that separates the column names and values in the lists. If a string, rather than a single character, is passed in delimiter, the string as a whole is the delimiter.

lrvtc.updateRow1 sets the values of the fields specified by columnNames in the row specified by rowIndex.

Return Values

Returns zero on success or one of the Error Codes.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.


    var row, rc;
    for (row=1; row<=10; row++)
        var FieldValues = "productname"+row+"_updated;productinfo"+row+"_updated");
        rc = lrvtc.updateRow1("P_name;P_info", row, FieldValues, ";");
        lr.logMessage("update_row1 rc="+ rc);