Alphabetical Listing

Most functions can be used in JavaScript scripts. See the individual function references for details.

Note: The functions for multiple connections have been deprecated.

vtc.clearColumnClears all data in a column.
vtc.clearMessageClears the data in a field.
vtc.clearRowClears the data in a row.
vtc.columnSizeReturns the number of fields that contain data in a column.
vtc.connectCreates a connection to the server.
vtc.createColumnCreates a column.
vtc.disconnectDisconnects from the server.
vtc.dropIndexDeletes the index on a column.
vtc.ensureIndexCreates an index on a column.
vtc.incrementIncrements a counter stored in a field.
vtc.queryColumnRetrieves the data in a field.
vtc.queryRowRetrieves the data in a row.
vtc.retrieveMessagePops the first field from a column.
vtc.retrieveMessages1Pops the first fields from specified columns.
vtc.retrieveRowPops the first fields from all columns.
vtc.sendIfUniqueSets the last field of a column to a value if the value does not exist in the column.
vtc.sendMessageSets the last field of a column to a value.
vtc.sendRow1Sets the data in multiple columns.
vtc.updateMessagereplaces the data in a field.
vtc.updateMessageIfequalsreplaces the data in a field if the current data equals a given value.
vtc.updateRow1replaces the data in a row.