String and Parameter Functions

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lr.advanceParamAdvances to the next available value in the parameter data file.
lr.decryptDeprecated. Unmasks an encoded string.
Use lr.unmask.
lr.evalStringReturns the string argument after evaluating embedded parameters.
lr.paramIncrementIncrements the value of a parameter.
lr.paramUniqueGenerates a unique string and assigns it to a parameter.
lr.paramarrIdxReturns the value of the parameter at a specified location in a parameter array.
lr.paramarrLenReturns the number of elements in a parameter array.
lr.paramarrRandomReturns the value of the parameter at a random location in a parameter array
lr.readFileReads a file into a parameter.
lr.saveIntSaves an integer to a parameter.
lr.saveParamRegexpFinds a string in a buffer using a regular expression and saves capture group matches to a parameter.
lr.saveStringSaves a null terminated string as a parameter.
lr.unmaskUnmasks an encoded string.
lr.unzipUncompresses the information in a parameter and stores the uncompressed information in another parameter.
lr.zipCompresses the information in a parameter and stores the compressed information in another parameter.