Creates a rendezvous point in the Vuser script.

ExampleRuntime Functions


lr.rendezvousEx( rendezvous_name );


rendezvous_nameThe name of the rendezvous.

The lr.rendezvousEx function creates a rendezvous point in a Vuser script. When this statement is executed, the Vusers stop and wait for permission to continue.

The default timeout is 30 sec. The timeout is set in the scenario policy in the Controller.

This function can only be used in an action section, and not in vuser_init or vuser_end.

The difference between this function and lr.rendezvous is that lr.rendezvous does not return a range of values.

Return Values

The return values of the lr.rendezvousEx function are defined in the Lrun.h file. On Linux platforms, the function returns 0 for success and -1 for an illegal name. On PC platforms, the function returns one of the values described in the table below:

lr.REND_ALL_ARRIVED 0 Vuser was released after all the designated Vusers arrived.
lr.REND_TIMEOUT 1 Vuser was released after the timeout value was reached.
lr.REND_DISABLED 2 The rendezvous was disabled from the Controller.
lr.REND_NOT_FOUND 3 The rendezvous was not found.
lr.REND_VUSER_NOT_MEMBER 4 Vuser was not defined in the rendezvous.
lr.REND_VUSER_DISABLED 5 Vuser was disabled for the rendezvous.
lr.REND_BY_USER 6 The rendezvous was released by the user.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.


function Action(){
   var rend_status;


   if ((rend_status= lr.rendezvousEx("Meeting")) != lr.REND_ALL_ARRIVED)
       lr.outputMessage("rendezvous unsuccessful " + rend_status);
       lr.outputMessage("rendezvous successful " + rend_status);

   return 0;