Correlating HTML statements

The main steps in correlating HTML statements in a web script are:

  1. In the script, identify the first statement that contains dynamic data.

  2. Find the web page that contains the HTML code for the dynamic data.

  3. Analyze the HTML code to find a pattern that characterizes the boundaries of the dynamic data. Make sure not to include any dynamic data in the boundary definitions.

  4. In the script, replace the dynamic data with your own parameter name.

  5. Add a web.regSaveParam statement into the script before the statement that contains the dynamic data. This tells the script to create a parameter that saves the runtime value for the parameter.

Note that correlation is not the same as parameterization. With parameterization, the full list of possible values for any parameter is known before the script is run. With correlated statements, the values of parameters are determined only when the script is run.