Search Filters for Save Parameter Registration Functions

The search Filters section starts with the marker, SEARCH_FILTERS. Any number of specifiers can be entered. For example:








The search Filters section is optional. Where the section is specified, all of the search specifiers are optional.

The search specifiers are:

  • contentType: Only responses with the specified contentType header are searched. The contentType can contain the * wildcard.

  • headernames: A comma-separated list of HTTP response header names. Only the specified headers' values are searched. This argument applies only when the scope is "Headers".

  • ignoreRedirections: If "ignoreRedirections=Yes" and the server response is redirection information (HTTP status code 300-303, 307), the response is not searched. Instead, after receiving a redirection response, the GET request is sent to the redirected location and the search is performed on the response from that location.
    The default is No.

  • relframeid: The hierarchy level of the HTML page relative to the requested url. The possible values are ALL or a number. Click relframeid Attribute for a detailed description.

  • requesturl: Only responses to this request are searched. The url can contain the * wildcard.

  • scope: Where to search for the delimited data. Optional.
    The possible values are
    All- search the entire buffer
    Headers - search only the headers
    body - search only body data
    Cookies - search only in cookies

  • If no DFEs argument is specified, All can be used.

    If scope=Headers and a headernames filter is used, only the values of the specified headers are searched. If no headernames filter is used, all header text is searched.

    scope=All does not apply to web.regSaveParamXpath.

    The default is All, except for web.regSaveParamXpath, where the default is body.