Removes the specified cookie.


web.removeCookie( cookie );
Property Name
The name of the cookie to remove. The VALUE of the name is not required, and is ignored if it is specified.

Return Values

Not applicable


The following argument can be parameterized using standard parameterization: Cookie

General Information

The web.removeCookie function removes a cookie from the list of cookies available to a Vuser. This function specifies the name of the cookie to remove.

Note: Vusers do not use (access or modify) the cookies that are stored by your browser. Instead, each script uses the cookies that are sent to the Vuser by the server host at runtime. These cookies are maintained only while the script runs. The web-cookie functions (web.addCookie, web.removeCookie, and web.cleanupCookies) only manipulate these temporary cookies.

You can refine the function's usage by specifying the path and/or domain cookie attributes from the original function call. This enables you to delete one cookie among cookies with identical names, but different path and/or domain attributes. Note that if you delete a cookie using only the cookie name (without the path or domain), the function deletes all cookies with that name, disregarding their domain and path.

web.removeCookie is added by the user when enhancing the script. It is not recorded.


web.removeCookie ("client_id");