Example: mldap_get_attrib_value_ex

In the following example, the mldap_get_attrib_value_ex function gets the value of the objectClass attribute.

while (mldap_get_next_entry_ex(pldap,"LDAP Get Next Entry", LAST)) {
         mldap_get_attrib_value_ex (pldap, "LDAP Get Attribute Value",
        LAST );

In the following example, mldap_get_attrib_value_ex retrieves the third value of the attribute with an index of 13 (13th attribute) and saves it to parameter xyz.

mldap_get_attrib_value_ex(pldap, "LDAP Get Attribute Value",
         "Offset=2",    // Return the third value
         "Param=xyz",    // Save return value to parameter xyz
         LAST );