Oracle NCA Vuser Functions (NCA)

The NCA Vuser functions are generated when you record an Oracle NCA session. A function's prefix indicates the object upon which the action is applied. For example, nca_button_press activates a push button, and nca_flex_press_find clicks Find in a Flexfield window. The supported objects are buttons, edit fields, Flex fields, list items, menu items, response boxes, scrolls, and windows.

To enable VuGen to record the names of NCA objects, you must configure the application server to provide the necessary data. To do this, edit the startup HTML file that is called when the applet viewer begins. Modify the line:
<PARAM name="serverArgs ............ fndnam=APPS">
and add the Oracle key "record=names":
<PARAM name="serverArgs ............ fndnam=APPS record=names">

Note: NCA Vuser function arguments cannot contain regular expressions.

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