Example: nca_flex_get_cell_data

In the following example, the nca_flex_get_cell_data function retrieves the value in the Company row and Low column of the Find Accounts Flexfield and sends it to the output window and log file.

#include <orafuncs.h>
vuser_init() {
     char Flex_value[1000]; 
     nca_set_window("Summary Templates");
     nca_lov_retrieve_items("Summary Templates",1,11);
     nca_lov_select_item("Summary Templates", "Net Income, Detailed Company,
           Cost Center and Prod|D-D-Net Income-T-D");
     nca_set_window("Find Accounts");
     nca_flex_get_cell_data("Find Accounts", "Company", "Low", Flex_value);
     nca_flex_set_cell_data("Find Accounts", "Company", "Low", "00");
     nca_flex_press_ok("Find Accounts");
     lr_output_message("The selected account is: %s", Flex_value);

return 0; }