Example: nca_flex_get_row_name

The aim of the following example is to set data in the first cell of the window. The function to do this, flex_set_cell_data requires the name of the row and column. nca_flex_get_row_name function assigns the row name of the first field to the output parameter row_name. This name is then passed to flex_set_cell_data.

char row_name[64], column_name[64];
nca_set_window("Find Accounts");
nca_flex_get_row_name("Find Accounts", 1, row_name);
nca_flex_get_column_name("Find Accounts", 1, column_name);
/* Put "00" in the first cell of the window */
nca_flex_set_cell_data("Find Accounts", row_name, column_name,"00");
nca_flex_press_ok("Find Accounts");