Example: nca_list_select_index_item

In the following example, the nca_list_select_index_item function selects Customers and Quick in the Responsibilities navigation window. Note that the selected options are activated with the subsequent pressing of the button.

nca_set_window("Navigator - ABM Supervisor");
nca_list_select_item("NAVIGATOR_HOTLIST_0", "1. Concurrent Requests: View All (User Mode)");
nca_set_window("Find Requests");
//Select the item, by number and not by name
   // Original Recorded step
//list_select_item("JOBS_QF_ORDERBY_0", "Requested Start Time");     //Modified step

nca_list_select_index_item("JOBS_QF_ORDERBY_0", 3);
nca_set_window("Submit a New Request");
Example: The output window displays the list objects:
    Sub Message Properties: action=2 handlerClassId=0x0 handlerId=386
        property=327 type=0x1000 value=0
        property=328 type=0x4000 value="Request ID"
        property=327 type=0x7000 value=1
        property=328 type=0x4000 value="Name"
        property=327 type=0x7000 value=2
        property=328 type=0x4000 value="Requested Start Time"
showing that the Requested Start Time item is the third object.