Example: nca_lov_select_index_item

In the following example, each entry in the table called Journals is accessed. The function nca_obj_get_info retrieves the number of rows in the window. A for loop then sets the index i and the function nca_lov_select_index_item uses the indexto pull out each successive entry.

char num_rows_string[3];
int num_rows, i;
nca_lov_retrieve_items("Journals", 1, 18);
/* Find out how many entries in the "Journals" table there are */
nca_obj_get_info("Journals", "num_rows", num_rows_string);
num_rows = atoi(num_rows_string); /* num_rows holds the number of entries */
/* Iterate through each item */
for (i=1; i<num_rows; ++i) {
     nca_lov_select_index_item("Journals", i);
     /* To retrieve the next entries a switch is required */
     nca_menu_select_item("N", "File;Switch Responsibility...");
     nca_lov_retrieve_items("Journals", 1, num_rows);