Example: nca_lov_retrieve_itemsList Object Functions

Retrieves items from a list of values.

int nca_lov_retrieve_items( LPCSTR name, int first_item, int last_item );
name The logical name of the window containing the list of values.
first_item The index of the first item in the list of values.
last_item The index of the last item in the list of values.

The nca_lov_retrieve_items function retrieves items from a list of values, based on the specified range. The range is indicated by the function's parameters, first_item and last_item, where "1" indicates the first item.

If you specify an index for last_item that does not exist, you will receive a warning, and the function retrieves the items until the last available value. This is especially relevant when the number of values in the database changes. For example, suppose you recorded nca_lov_retrieve_items("Journals", 1,8) but the database changes, leaving only 7 values in "Journals." In this case, the function returns a successful result but a warning message is sent.

Return Values

Oracle NCA Error Codes


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.