Example: TE_find_text

In the following example, after logging in as root to the machine "stimpy", TE_find_text searches for the string "UNIX*" in the terminal. The test run searches for text anywhere in the first row, without knowing the precise length of the row. Since the col2 parameter is set to -1, the function will search for text until the last column in the first line.

int col, row;
char match [100];

TE_wait_text("login: ", 90);
TE_wait_cursor(8, 5, 100, 90);
TE_wait_text("Password: ", 90);
TE_type("qwerty<kReturn>"); /* Password is qwerty */
TE_wait_text("stimpy:{/}# ", 90); /* Machine name is stimpy */
TE_find_text ("*UNIX*", -1,-1,-1,1, &col, &row, match);