Example: TE_disconnectTerminal Emulator Connection Functions

Waits for terminal disconnection. (Windows only)

int TE_disconnect( unsigned int timeout );

timeout The maximum time (in milliseconds) to wait for the terminal emulator to disconnect. If omitted or less than 300 msec, the default timeout of 300 msec is used.

TE_disconnect waits for the terminal to disconnect. If the function times out, it forcibly disconnects the terminal and then exits.

The TE_disconnect function is generated by VuGen when the terminal disconnects from a host. The estimated time between last user action and the disconnection is used as the disconnection timeout.

In LoadRunner versions prior to 12.50, TE_disconnect was not recorded. We recommended that you add TE_disconnect to older RTE scripts. Otherwise, the script will freeze in the Gradual Exiting stage if the terminal session did not finish disconnecting before a new connect command arrived. Add the TE_disconnect step after a function that instructs the terminal to disconnect or after the last function in the terminal session. For example, add TE_disconnect after TE_type("exit{Return}")

Return Values

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, and a negative error code if it fails. It also sets the global variable TE_errno.