Example: TE_wait_sync_transactionSynchronization Functions

Records the time that the system remained in the most recent X SYSTEM mode.

int TE_wait_sync_transaction( char *transaction_name );
transaction_name A string indicating the name of the transaction.

You can instruct VuGen to record the time that the system remains in the X SYSTEM mode each time that the X SYSTEM mode is entered. To do so, VuGen inserts a TE_wait_sync_transaction function after each TE_wait_sync function.

This is shown in the following segment:



Each TE_wait_sync_transaction function creates a transaction with the specified name. The transactions allow you to analyze how long the terminal emulator waits for responses from the server during a run. You use the recording options to specify whether VuGen should automatically generate and insert TE_wait_sync_transaction statements.

To instruct VuGen to insert TE_wait_sync_transaction statements:

  1.         Select Vuser > Recording Options. The Recording Options dialog box appears.

  2.         Select the "Generate Automatic X SYSTEM transactions" check box, and then click OK.

Return Values

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, and a negative error code if it fails. It also sets the global variable TE_errno.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.