SAP GUI Functions (SAPGUI)

SAPGUI Vuser scripts emulate users performing SAP business processes. VuGen records all activity during the communication and creates a Vuser script.

When you perform actions on SAPGUI for Windows client, VuGen generates functions that describe these actions. Each function begins with a sapgui prefix.

The SAPGUI Vuser script typically contains several transactions which make up a business process.

The API is divided into various types of client activity:

Calendar Functions

Connection and Session Functions

General Object Functions

Grid Functions

Method and Property Functions

Status Bar Functions

Table Functions

Text Edit Control Functions

Toolbar Functions

Tree Functions

Verification and Data Retrieval Functions

Window Functions

The complete list is in the:

Alphabetical listing of SAP Functions

In addition to the SAPGUI functions, there is also support for APO Grid Functions.