Example: sapgui_call_method

The following example uses sapgui_call_method to invoke the method sendVKey which, when passed with a "0" argument, emulates an ENTER-key press.

sapgui_call_method is then invoked to make various calls to the SAP column tree control called shellcont/shell.

Action() {
// Load the sample program
    sapgui_set_ok_code("/ndwdm", LAST );
    // Press the "ENTER" key
    sapgui_call_method("wnd[0]", "sendVKey", "0", LAST );
    // Select the "SAP column tree" node
        "SelectItem", "000712", "REPTITLE",
        LAST );
        "000712", "REPTITLE", LAST );
        "DoubleClickItem", "000712",
        "REPTITLE", LAST );
    return 0;