Example: sapgui_grid_get_cell_data

The following example uses sapgui_grid_get_cell_data to get the information from a cell.

// Put the Grid ID in a parameter to make
    this example easier to read */
// Select cell in first data row in column "CONNID"
// The cell contains the number "17"
sapgui_grid_select_cell("'Overview' (-1, Connection number)", 
    "{GridID}", "0", "CONNID", LAST );

sapgui_grid_get_current_cell_column("Get Column", 
        "{GridID}", "CurrentCellColumn", LAST );

sapgui_grid_get_current_cell_row("Current Row", 
        "{GridID}", "CurrentCellRow", LAST );
        "{GridID}",                   // Grid Id
        "{CurrentCellRow}",      // Row Number
        "{CurrentCellColumn}", // Column ID
        "CurrentCellData",      // Output Parameter
        LAST );
// Output: "Current Cell Row: '0', Column: 'CONNID', Data: '17'"
    ("Current Cell Row: '%s', Column: '%s', Data: '%s'",