List of Resource Attributes

A list of resources generated by non–HTML mechanisms in the web page. These include the resources requested by Javascript, ActiveX, Java applets and Flash. VuGen's Recording Options allow these elements either to be recorded within the current script step (the default mode) or recorded as separate steps (see "Recording in HTML–Based Mode" in the VuGen Online Book).

When recording within the current script step, the extra resources are listed as arguments of the action statement. The following resources attributes are supported:

URL The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the web resource to load. The URL may be any of the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. For authentication purposes, include both the user name and the password in the URL attribute using the following format: ftp://username:password@server/dir/path.
Referer The URL of the referring web page. The page that referred to the current page. If the location was explicitly expressed, this attribute is omitted.
ENDITEM A marker that indicates the end of each resource in the list.

Compared to recording each resource as a separate step, recording non–HTML elements in this mode keeps the script short and readable, especially when seen in VuGen's Tree View.

When encountering an extra resource in, for example, a Javascript, the VuGen recorder adds the resource to the list of extra resources (the List of Resource Attributes parameter). The resource will be requested when the script is replayed. If the resource is one that might be changed regularly, you can parameterize the resource by using correlation functions.

In the following example, the extra resource is saved as extrares_11:

	"LB/IC=<img src=\"",
	LAST );

	LAST );