Example: web_submit_form

Example 1

In the following example, the name of the web_submit_form function is "employee.exe". The function submits a request for information about the employee John Green. The function has no attributes because the form is uniquely identified by the item data.

    "name=persons", "value=John Green - John", ENDITEM,
    "name=go_page", "value=Go to Page", ENDITEM,
    LAST );

Example 2

In the following example, a user submitted a search in a company's library, for the book "Practical UNIX Security" by Garfinkel.

web_url("dogbert", "URL=http://dogbert/", LAST );
web_link("Departments:", "Text=Departments:", LAST );
web_url("index.html", "URL=http://dogbert/groups/library/index.html", LAST );
web_link("Book Search:", "Text= Book Search:", LAST );
    "name=library.TITLE", "value=Practical UNIX Security", ENDITEM,
    "name=library.AUTHOR_S_", "value=Garfinkel", ENDITEM,
    "name=library.SUBJECTS", "value=", ENDITEM,
    LAST );