Example: lrs_hex_string_to_intConversion Functions

Converts a hex string to an integer.

int lrs_hex_string_to_int( char* buff, long length, int* mpiOutput );
buff A pointer to the string you want to convert.
length The length of the data.
mpiOutput A pointer to the resulting integer.

The lrs_hex_string_to_int converts a hexadecimal string to an integer. You specify a pointer to a buffer containing the string you want to convert, and the length of the string to convert. This function translates the string and assigns the value to the integer reference.

Return Values

If this function fails, it returns NULL. If it succeeds, it returns a pointer to the converted buffer. You can also retrieve the converted buffer using lrs_get_user_buffer .


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.