Example: lr_xml_replace

The following example changes the telephone extension number of an employee from 2145 to 4444. It searches the input string xml_input for the tag "<extension>" and replaces the tag with an XML fragment containing the number 4444 ("XmlFragment=<extension>4444</extension>"). The resulting string is contained in the ResultParam parameter, Result.

For more examples of the use of lr_xml_replace, see Replacing and inserting elements in Example Scripts for XML Queries.

#include "as_web.h"

char *xml_input =
          " <name>John Smith</name>"

Action() {

     lr_save_string(xml_input, "XML_Input_Param");

     lr_xml_replace("XML={XML_Input_Param}", "ResultParam=Result",
               "XmlFragment=<extension>4444</extension>", LAST );

     lr_output_message(lr_eval_string("String after replacement: {Result}"));

     return 0;

Example: Output:
Action.c(20): String after replacement: <acme_org><employee> <name>John Smith</name><cubicle>227</cubicle> <extension>4444</extension></employee></acme_org>