lsrules Command

Displays the include/exclude rules for a workspace or a stream. Seelsrules for more information.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>        XML declaration
<AcResponse               root element of the XML output
    Command="lscomp"      internal name for the set (kind) of rules returned by the lsrules command
    TaskId="1292">        the ID of the task associated with the command
      kind="incl"         the type of rule associated with the element: clear, incl, incldo, excl
      elemType="dir"      the element type
      dir="yes"           whether or not the element is a directory
      location="\.\"      the element’s location
      setInStream="phoenix_n"  the name of the stream in which the rule was set
      options="1"/>       indicates whether rules were created using AccuRev 4.5.3 or later
                             0= created using a version of AccuRev earlier than version 4.5.3
                             1= created using AccuRev 4.5.3 or later