show the include/exclude rules for a workspace or stream


accurev lsrules [ -s <stream> ] [ -d | -R ] [ -t <time-spec> ] 
[ -f <format(s)> ]


The lsrules command displays the include/exclude rules for your workspace, or for a stream that you specify with the -s option. By default, the listing also includes the rules that apply to the workspace (or stream) by virtue of being inherited from higher-level streams. Such rules are listed with -s <stream> to indicate the stream in which they were set.

Note: Setting an include/exclude rule for a workspace affects it immediately. Accordingly, lsrules lists the rules that are currently in effect for a workspace, not the rules that were in effect at the time of the most recent update.

To restrict the listing to the rules that were explicitly set in your workspace (or stream), use the -d option. Conversely, use -R in combination with -s to list the rules set in all streams and workspaces in an entire stream subhierarchy.


-s <stream>

Display the include/exclude rules for the specified stream.


Display only the rules that were explicitly set for the workspace (or stream). Don’t display rules that apply because they’re inherited from higher-level streams.


Display the rules set for each stream and workspace in the subhierarchy below the stream specified with -s.

Note:-R may be used in conjunction with the -fmx option.

-t <time-spec>

Display the rules set that existed as of the specified time. A time-spec can be any of the following:

  • Time in <"YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS"> format, "2007/08/07 20:27:15", for example. Note that you must use quotes when specifying time-spec as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS to ensure that the entire argument is interpreted by the command shell as a single token.

  • Time keyword: now

  • Transaction number as a positive integer: e.g. 146 or 23965

  • Transaction number keyword: highest

-f <format(s)>

Use one or more of the following format letters:

  • c: Restrict the listing to cross-link (incl -b) rules.

  • x: Display the results in XML format.

  • m: (must specify x, also) Make the XML-format output suitable for input to the mkrules command. This makes it easy to copy a set of include/exclude rules from one stream to another. See the mkrules reference page for instructions on how to edit this output.

    Note: -fmx option may be used with the -d option, but not with the -R option.


List the include/exclude rules for the current workspace, excluding rules inherited from higher-level streams:

   > accurev lsrules -d

List, in XML format, the include/exclude rules for stream gizmo_int, along with rules inherited from higher-level streams:

   > accurev lsrules -s gizmo_int -fx

See Also

excl, incl, mkrules, show (streams and wspaces)