set a rule to exclude elements from a workspace or stream


accurev excl [ -c <comment> ] [ -s <stream> ] [ -fx ] { <element> | -l <list-file> }


The excl command excludes the specified element (either a directory or a file) from a particular workspace or stream. If you don’t use the -s option to name a stream, excl operates on the workspace containing the current working directory.

Excluding a directory element causes it to disappear from the workspace or stream; all the files and subdirectories below the directory element disappear, too. Excluding a file element causes just that one file to disappear.

Inheritance of Exclusion

When you exclude elements from a workspace, the files are immediately removed from the workspace tree.

When you exclude elements from a higher-level stream, the exclusion instantly applies to streams below it in the depot’s stream hierarchy. The exclusion also applies to workspaces below the stream, but the elements don’t disappear from a workspace until you update it. This inheritance of exclusions down the stream hierarchy stops at snapshots and at dynamic streams whose basis time precedes the time of the exclusion. The element exclusions don’t apply to the snapshot (which is, by definition, immutable) or to that time-based stream.

Creating an Empty Workspace Before using ‘excl’

Using mkws with the -i option (to create an initially empty workspace) is a useful technique for organizations that use incl and excl to control which elements appear in a workspace.


-c <comment>

Specify a comment about the change to the include/exclude rules. The next command-line argument should be a quoted string. Alternatively, the next argument can be in the form @<comment-file>, which uses the contents of text-file <comment-file> as the comment.

-s <stream>

Apply the exclude rule to the specified stream. If you use this option, you must specify the element using a depot-relative pathname.


Display the results in XML format.

-l <list-file>

Process the elements listed in <list-file>. This must be a text file, with one element name per line. Extra whitespace is not allowed; make sure there are no empty lines and no leading or trailing white space around the filenames. Wildcards are not expanded. There is no provision for comment lines in a <list-file>.

If you use this option, any <element-list> specified is silently ignored.


An element name. If you also specify a <list-file> using the -l option, this <element> is silently ignored.


Exclude the src directory tree from the current workspace:

   > accurev excl \.\src

Exclude the src directory tree from stream gizmo_dvt:

   > accurev excl -s gizmo_dvt \.\src

See Also

clear, incl, incldo, lsrules, update