set rule to include a directory, not its contents, in a workspace stream


accurev incldo [ -c <comment> ] [ -s <stream> ] [ -fx ] { <directory-element> | 
-l <list-file> }


The incldo command supports the ability of AccuRev to include files and directories that are deep in a depot’s directory hierarchy, without having to include lots of other, unwanted elements. For example, suppose a depot contains a tools subdirectory, which contains a scripts subdirectory, which contains a unix subdirectory, which contains two subdirectories, perl and python. If you need only the python subdirectory, not the rest of the tools subtree, you can enter these commands:

   accurev incldo tools
accurev incldo tools/scripts
accurev incldo tools/scripts/unix
accurev incl tools/scripts/unix/python

Note: As of Version 4.6, you need not enter the incldo commands for the scripts and unix directories — AccuRev automatically executes the required incldo commands to “traverse” intermediate directory levels.

Note that incldo includes a directory, but merely for the purpose of providing a path to some data lower in the directory hierarchy. incldo actually serves to exclude the entire contents of the specified directory; subsequent incl commands can override this exclusion for particular files/directories under it.

To clarify the preceding paragraph, here’s an example. Suppose directory widget contains subdirectories devel, test, and support. The command “incldo widget”:

Includes the directory widget in your workspace (or in the stream you specify with -s). The directory is empty.

Enables the subsequent execution of incl or incldo commands on the subdirectories: “incl devel” or “incldo devel”, “incl test” or “incldo test”, “incl support” or “incldo support”.

Keep in mind the relationship between the update level of the workspace you’re modifying with incldo (or the basis time of the stream you’re modifying). For example, a subsequent “incl devel” command will succeed only if subdirectory devel existed in directory widget at the time of the workspace’s most recent update.


-c <comment>

Specify a comment about the change to the include/exclude rules. The next command-line argument should be a quoted string. Alternatively, the next argument can be in the form @<comment-file>, which uses the contents of text-file <comment-file> as the comment.

-s <stream>

Apply the include-directory-only rule to the specified stream. If you use this option, you must specify the directory element using a depot-relative pathname.


Display the results in XML format.

-l <list-file>

Process the elements listed in <list-file>. This must be a text file, with one element name per line. Extra whitespace is not allowed; make sure there are no empty lines and no leading or trailing white space around the filenames. Wildcards are not expanded. There is no provision for comment lines in a list-file.

If you use this option, any <directory-element> specified is silently ignored.


A directory element. If you also specify a <list-file> using the -l option, this <directory-element> is silently ignored.


Include just the top-level readme.txt file and the online subdirectory from the hierarchy widget\support\documentation\online:

> accurev incldo widget
> accurev incl widget\support\documentation\online\readme.txt

See Also

clear, excl, incl, lsrules, update

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