list the contents of an AccuWork configuration file


accurev getconfig -r <config-file>
{ ( -p <depot-name> [ -u <user-name> ] ) |
( -s [ -d <locale> ] ) }


The getconfig command displays the contents of an AccuWork configuration file. Configuration files store information defined for a depot in the GUI Schema Editor as follows:

  • schema.xml: contents of the Schema subtab
  • schemaStyle.xml: contents of the Style subtab for each field defined in the Schema subtab

  • layout.xml: contents of the Layout subtab
  • lists.xml: contents of the Lists subtab
  • relation_types.xml: contents of the Relationship Types subtab
  • logic.xml: contents of the Validation subtab
  • cpk_fields.xml: contents of the Change Package Results section of the Change Packages subtab
  • cpk_promote_queries.xml: contents of the Change Package Triggers section of the Change Packages subtab

The configuration files that compose a depot’s schema definition are stored in the AccuRev database (beginning with release 7.5). The definition of the default AccuWork schema, however, is still stored in XML files in the directory site_slice/dispatch/config.

AccuWork queries, defined on the GUI’s Queries tab, are also stored as configuration files in the AccuRev database:

  • query.xml: A user’s AccuWork queries, including queries that the user has declared to be public.
  • publicQuery.xml: The depot’s public AccuWork queries.

To support localized default schemas, getconfig provides a -s -d <locale> option that causes the server to search for a localized site resource based on the specified locale. If a localized resource is installed at the server, it will be returned to the client. If no localized version is available, the default English version of the resource is returned.


-p <depot-name>

The depot to use.

You must use one, and only one, of the options -p and -s.

-u <user-name>

The AccuRev user whose configuration file is to be displayed. Use this option in conjunction with the -p option to display a particular user’s AccuWork queries (-r query.xml).


The default version of the specified resource file should be returned from site_slice/dispatch/config.

You must use one, and only one, of the options -p and -s.

-d <locale>

The UNIX-standard locale specification for the localized default schema, in the format:


Use this option only in conjunction with the -s option.

Note: AccuRev does not currently use any @modifier specifications.

-r <config-file>

The name of the XML-format configuration file.


  • Display user derek’s AccuWork queries for the issues in depot autoDepot:

    accurev getconfig -p autoDepot -u derek -r query.xml
  • Display the field validations defined for the issues in depot widget:

    accurev getconfig -p widget -r logic.xml
  • Get the default configuration file schema.xml from the Japanese (ja) locale folder of site_slice/dispatch/config:

    accurev getconfig -s -d ja -r schema.xml
  • Same as above, but with a more detailed locale specification:

    accurev getconfig -s -d ja_JP.UTF-8 -r schema.xml

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