update the contents of an AccuWork configuration file


accurev putconfig [ -u <user-name> ] -p <depot-name>
-r <config-file> -l <new-config-data>


The putconfig command replaces the contents of an AccuWork configuration file with the file you specify on the command line.

Caution: To avoid problems, first use the getconfig command to get the file’s original contents; save a backup copy. Then use the original contents as a starting point for your edits. Do NOT change a field's type because that will corrupt the contents of existing issues in the depot.

See the getconfig reference page for a listing of the configuration file names and their contents and information about where the files are stored.


-u <user-name>

The AccuRev user whose configuration file is to be updated. Use this option when updating a user’s personal AccuWork queries (-r query.xml).

-p <depot-name>

The depot to use.

-r <config-file>

The name of the XML-format configuration file whose contents are to be updated.

-l <new-config-data>

The name of the XML-format file containing the configuration data to be stored in <config-file>. The best way to create this file is to edit the output of a getconfig command.


Use the contents of file c:\temp\q.new to establish a new set of AccuWork queries for user derek, in mainDepot's issues:

>accurev putconfig -u derek -p mainDepot -r query.xml -l c:\temp\q.new

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