compare two streams in terms of their change packages


accurev issuediff -s <from-stream> -S <to-stream> [ -fx ]


The issuediff command compares the change packages in two streams, snapshots, or workspaces (for simplicity, we’ll just say “stream”), showing which changes that are included in the “from” stream have not yet been propagated to the “to” stream. The output is a list of issue numbers for those change packages.


-s <from-stream> -S <to-stream>

The streams, snapshots, or workspaces to be processed.


Display the results in XML format.


List the issues whose change packages are completely in stream brass_dvt, whose changes have not yet been propagated to stream brass_tst. Display the output in XML format.

> accurev issuediff -s brass_dvt -S brass_tst -fx

See Also

cpkadd, cpkdepend, cpkdescribe, cpkremove, issuelist, patch