list the contents of a change package


accurev cpkdescribe -I <”issue-number1 issue-number2...”> [ -3 ] 
[ -p <depot-name> ] [ -e <eid> ] [ --from_stream=streamname ]
[ --include_missing_segments ] [ -fx ] [ -t <time-spec> ]


The cpkdescribe command lists the elements in the change package associated with the issue number you provide. This command returns the same content that is displayed on the Changes tab of the specified AccuWork issue record.


-I <issue-number1 issue_number2...>

The issue record(s) whose change package(s) are to be listed. Multiple issues can be specified in a space- or comma-delimited list within quotes.


Specifies that the <issue-number> specified by the -I switch is a third-party ITS key rather than an AccuWork issue number.

-p <depot-name>

The depot in which the issue record is located (default: the depot of the current workspace).


Displays all segments of visible variants of the specified issue in the specified stream. For discussions about segments and variants, see Change Packages in the AccuRev On-Line Help.


Displays missing segments in the change package for the specified stream. Requires the
--from_stream=<stream_name> option to identify the stream.

For discussions about segments and variants, see Change Packages in the AccuRev On-Line Help.


Display the results in XML format.

-e <eid>

Specify the element ID (EID) of a single element to be displayed.

-t <time-spec>

Display the elements that existed in the change package as of the specified time. A time-spec can be any of the following:

  • Time in <"YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS"> format, "2007/08/07 20:27:15", for example. Note that you must use quotes when specifying time-spec as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS to ensure that the entire argument is interpreted by the command shell as a single token.
  • Time keyword: now
  • Transaction number as a positive integer: e.g. 146 or 23965
  • Transaction number keyword: highest


List the contents of the change package for issue record #4871 in depot brass.

> accurev cpkdescribe -I 4871 -p brass

In XML formatted output, list the information only for the element with an EID of "615", in the change packages for issue records #4871 and #3597 in depot brass.

> accurev cpkdescribe -I "4871 3597" -e 615 -p brass -fx

List all segments of the visible variants associated with issue "39" in stream "prod_5000_devel" of depot "prod_5000":

> accurev cpkdescribe -I 39 -p prod_5000 --from_stream=prod_5000_devel

See Also

cpkadd, cpkdepend, cpkremove, issuediff, issuelist, patch