add a depot to a replica repository


accurev mkreplica -p <depot-name> [ -l <depot-slice-location> ]


The mkreplica command adds the specified depot to the local replica repository’s set of depots. This command must be directed to an AccuRev Server process that manages a replica repository; the corresponding master repository must contain the specified depot.

mkreplica copies the depot’s metadata from the master repository to the replica repository. It can optionally specify a location (using the -l option) for the depot’s file storage area. If -l is not used, this location defaults to a subdirectory under the replica repository’s .../storage/depots directory.

Information about which depots are replicated is stored in file replica_site.xml, in the local replica repository’s site_slice directory. mkreplica creates a new entry in this file.

mkreplica does not copy the storage files for the versions of the depot’s elements to the replica repository. Use the replica sync command to synchronize the replica and the master repositories.


-p <depot-name>

The depot to be replicated.

-l <depot-slice-location>

The location where the replicated depot directory (“slice”) is to be created. This location must be on a local disk of the machine where the AccuRev Server process runs.


Add depot kestrel to the local replica repository.

> accurev mkreplica -p kestrel

See Also

replica (sync), rmreplica