remove a depot from a replica repository


accurev rmreplica -p <depot-name>


The rmreplica command removes the specified depot from the local replica repository’s set of depots. The depot becomes inaccessible to clients of the local AccuRev Server. This command must be directed to an AccuRev Server process that manages a replica repository; the corresponding master repository must contain the specified depot.

rmreplica changes the site slice (typically, directory .../storage/site_slice) in both the master and replica repositories. Information about which depots are replicated at a site is stored in file replica_site.xml, in the local replica repository’s site slice. rmreplica does not delete the depot’s entry from this file; it merely marks the depot as “inactive”.

rmreplica does not remove the depot's slice — that is, the depot’s storage directory — which is typically located under .../storage/depots.


-p <depot-name>

The depot to be removed from the local replica repository.


Remove depot kestrel from the local replica repository.

> accurev rmreplica -p kestrel

See Also

mkreplica, replica(sync)