deactivate a workspace


accurev rmws [ -s ] <workspace-name>


The rmws command makes the specified workspace inactive. More precisely, it deactivates the workspace stream in the depot; the workspace tree on the user’s disk remains unaffected.

The deactivated workspace cannot be used for active development. It won’t appear in show wspaces listings, unless you use the -fi or -fI option.

Note: After performing an rmws command, you cannot then create a new workspace with the same name. The name remains irrevocably associated with the inactive workspace.

You can use the reactivate command to bring the workspace back into active service.



Use this option when you deactivate a workspace that belongs to another user. In this case, you must include the _<principal-name> suffix, in order to fully specify the workspace name.

If you omit this option and specify a <workspace_name> with no suffix, rmws implicitly adds a _<principal-name> suffix, using your own principal-name.


Remove your own workspace, named talon_dvt_<your-principal-name>:

> accurev rmws talon_dvt

Remove another user’s workspace, specifying its complete name:

> accurev rmws -s talon_dvt_mary

See Also

reactivate, remove, show (wspaces)