create a command shell in a workspace or reference tree


accurev start { -w <workspace> | -r <reftree> }


The start command starts a new command shell:

  • UNIX/Linux: a subshell of the current shell.
  • Windows: a new Command Prompt window.

In the new command shell, the current working directory is set to the top-level directory of the specified workspace or reference tree In addition, these environment variables are set in the new command shell:

ACCUREV_WSPACE The name of the workspace.

The full pathname of the workspace’s top-level directory.

Using the start command is a convenience, not a requirement. An as alternative, you can simply cd to any directory within the workspace. (This won’t set the environment variables, though!) The accurev program automatically detects the fact that your current working directory is within an AccuRev workspace.


-w <workspace>

Specify the workspace in which you wish to work. You don’t need to include the “_<principal-name>” suffix in the workspace name.

-r <reftree>

Specify the reference tree in which you wish to work.


Start working in workspace tulip_dvt:

> accurev start -w tulip_dvt

See Also

mkws, show (wspaces)