report work-in-progress for workspaces backed by a stream


accurev wip -s <stream> [ -fx ] [ -a | -d | -u ]
[ -l <list-file> | <element-list> ]


The wip (“work-in-progress”) command lists the current activity in all the workspaces that are backed by a particular stream (or a particular set of streams).

Note: Pass-through streams “don’t count”. That is, wip considers a workspace that is a child of a pass-through stream to be backed by the closest stream or snapshot in the backing chain that is not a pass-through stream.

A file or directory element is considered to be active in a workspace if you have processed it with any of the following commands (and have not yet either promoted or purged the change):

  • keep (including keeps performed during merge or patch commands)
  • anchor, co, revert
  • move
  • defunct, undefunct


-s <stream>

Display the work-in-progress in the workspaces backed by the specified stream. You must specify a stream using -s; there is no default.

-a, -d, -u

By default, wip considers only the workspaces based on the stream specified with -s. These three options expand the set of streams whose workspaces are considered.

-a: all streams

-d: includes all streams that are below the stream specified with -s.

-u: includes streams that are in the backing chain of the stream specified with -s.


Display the results in XML format.

-l <list-file>

Process the elements listed in <list-file>. This must be a text file, with one element name per line. Extra whitespace is not allowed; make sure there are no empty lines and no leading or trailing white space around the filenames. Wildcards are not expanded. There is no provision for comment lines in the file.

If you use this option, any <element-list> specified is silently ignored.


One or more element names, separated by whitespace. If you also specify a <list-file> using the –l option, this <element-list> is silently ignored.


List all development activity taking place in workspaces backed by stream tulip_dvt:

> accurev wip -s tulip_dvt

List activity for files brass.c and brass.h in the workspaces backed by stream kestrel_devel:

> accurev wip -s kestrel_devel \.\src\brass.c \.\src\brass.h

See Also

excl, files, incl, stat

Techniques for Selecting Elements