AccuRev Concepts

This AccuRev guide presents and explains some of the major concepts of the AccuRev software configuration management system.

This guide is intended for both end users and administrators, and goes into more depth than related discussions in the On-line Help and the Admin Help. See the AccuRev Installation Notes and Release Notes or installation procedures.

This guide assumes you are familiar with your operating system and its commands, as well as with AccuRev, AccuWork, and other system components.

This guide contains the following sections:

The AccuRev Data Repository Provides a quick overview of the AccuRev repository and related topics such as depots, versions, and replicas.
Software Configuration Management Describes in basic terms how AccuRev fulfills its role as a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system.
AccuRev’s Stream Hierarchy Explains how AccuRev uses streams to provide easy-to-use, powerful management of changes to your software configurations.
AccuRev Workspaces and Reference Trees Describes the special types of streams where developers do most of their work.
AccuRev Transactions Describes the mechanism that AccuRev uses to keep track of changes to a depot.

AccuRev Glossary

Provides definitions for the terms you will encounter in the AccuRev environment.