The New Depot Command

The New Depot command creates a new depot in the AccuRev repository.

Invoking the New Depot Command

You can invoke the New Depot command in any of these ways:

  • Choose File > New > Depot from the GUI main menu.
  • Choose Admin > Depots from the GUI main menu to open a Depots tab (see The Depots Tab). Then click the New button.

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Using the New Depot Dialog

The New Depot dialog includes basic options (always visible) and advanced options (visibility controlled by a Basic/Advanced button).

Basic Options

Depot Name

No two depots in the same AccuRev repository can have the same name. SeeUser-Specified Names for AccuRev Entities.

Note: Reusing a depot name: This can be done—but it's risky (it cannot be undone) and it takes some work. You must first remove the existing depot with the desired name from the repository. For details, see "Removing a Depot from the AccuRev Repository" in the AccuRev Admin Help.

Advanced Options

Physical location ...

The location you choose here must be on a hard drive on the machine where the AccuRev Server process runs. Be sure that the location does not overlap the location of any other depot, or any AccuRev workspace or reference tree. See User-Specified Names for AccuRev Entities.

If you do not specify a physical location, the new depot is placed under directory storage/depots within the AccuRev installation area.

A depot’s physical location is said to be a slice of the overall AccuRev repository . To change the location of an existing depot, use the CLI command chslice.

Files should be case ...

Note: We strongly recommend that you make your depots case-insensitive, for compatibility with Microsoft Windows. Some Windows applications can change the case of a filename without informing you; if your depot is case-sensitive, the file appears to be renamed. 

All depots store names of files and directories exactly as they are originally entered (e.g. WidgetGetCount or cmdListAll). Likewise, AccuRev client programs display these names exactly as they were originally entered. The difference is that:

  • A case-sensitive depot allows users to create two objects in the same directory, with names that differ only in their case (e.g. makefile and Makefile).
  • A case-insensitive depot (default) does not allow two objects in the same directory to have names that differ only in their case.

A depot’s case-sensitivity can be changed with the CLI chdepot command, as follows:

You can always change a depot’s case from insensitive to sensitive.

You can only change from sensitive to insensitive if the depot contains no elements.

See chdepot in the AccuRev CLI User’s Guide for more information.

Exclusive locking

Selecting the exclusive file locking option causes all workspaces created for this depot to use AccuRev exclusive file locking.

See File Locking.

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