The Admin Menu (Administrators Only)

The options on the Admin menu are primarily meant for administrators rather than end-users. The ability to use administrative functions is controlled by a customized server trigger script called A sample script with documentation is found on the server in

If you do not have administrative privileges, you are able to view these options, but will not be allowed to modify or save data.

The Depots Tab

The Depots tab lists some or all of the depots in the AccuRev repository.

Opening a Depots Tab

Choose Admin > Depots from the GUI main menu.

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Depots Tab Layout

Status (appears if Show removed depots is checked) Active indicates that the depot is available for use. Removed indicates that the depot has been permanently removed from the repository. (The maintain rmdepot command permanently and irreversibly removes a depot from the repository. See "Removing a Depot from the AccuRev Repository" in the AccuRev Admin Help.)
Depot #

The unique integer that identifies a particular depot. This identifier cannot be modified.


The depot's name, which must differ from all other depot names in the repository. A depot can be renamed, but its depot number never changes.

Slice #

Same as Depot#.

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Working in a Depots Tab

You can control the display of removed depots.

See also: Working with Tables

Controlling Which Depots are Displayed

Show removed depots

If checked, the table includes the depots that have been permanently deactivated with the maintain utility (see the AccuRev Admin Help). This also adds the Status column to the table; removed depots have Inactive status, and are shaded.

Creating a New Depot

New: Click this button to invoke the The New Depot Command.

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