The Server Tasks Tab

The Server Tasks tab lists the current set of "worker threads" in the multi-threaded AccuRev Server process. At any given moment, each worker thread is executing one of the server subtasks that implement a particular client command. Each command from a client program translates to at least two server subtasks.

Opening a Server Tasks Tab

Choose Tools > Server Tasks from the GUI main menu.

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Server Tasks Tab Layout

The Server Tasks tab contains a table with the following columns:

Task ID

The ID number of the client-server connection. Each client command establishes a separate connection with the server.

Task Name

The name of the server subtask being executed by this worker thread. This typically matches the name of the client command, such as Update.


The AccuRev username of the user who issued the client command.


The IP address of the client machine where the user invoked the client command.


0 = slot assigned to worker thread, but thread not active yet (set by master thread).

1 = worker thread active (set by worker thread).

2 = worker thread completed, but master thread has not yet cleared the slot for reuse (set by worker thread).

Start Time

The time at which the worker thread started working on this subtask.

Seconds on Server

The number of seconds ("wall clock" time) that this worker thread has been running.

Command-line interface to this command

You can use the AccuRev CLI to list the Server Tasks tab data:

  1. Create a text file, for example tasks.xml, with this one-line XML document:
  1. Execute this AccuRev CLI command:
accurev xml -l tasks.xm

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Working in the Server Tasks Tab

The Server Tasks tab display is informational only.

See also: Working with Tables

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